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Mô Tả Công Việc

1. Consumers/Customers

  • You broaden our customer base, by positioning the Come Home retailer as the leader in life at home in my local market. You do this through securing a consistent implementation of the Come Home Concept and showing the depth and breadth of the Come Home range through relevant, affordable, functional, inspiring home furnishing solutions.
  • You take the Come Home national business plan and ensure our store plan is aligned to this while meeting our local consumer needs. Our aim is to communicate a consistent message to our consumers and sell the benefits and uniqueness of the Come Home idea, attracting consumers to our stores, and supporting the conversion of visitors into loyal, long-term Come Home customers.
  • You regularly walk the store at different times of day and take the opportunity to actively engage with your customers and co-workers, you use the insights You gain from this to work with my team to help improve the shopping experience for our customers.
  • You actively promote our social commitment in the local market and work with your team and our customers to understand how, together, we can contribute.
  • You work with your management team to ensure our stores are always safe, secure and healthy environments for visitors and co-workers. Commercial you lead, manage and inspire your team to grow our business with sustained long-term profitability. You do this by:
  • Working with your management team to ensure we identify and capitalize on business opportunities in our local market in order to grow our market share. You do this in line with our commitment to creating a relevant life at home and being a good neighbor.
  • Securing the co-ordination of the store business plan process. You lead and inspire your team to work together to ensure that the store is steered towards common Come Home directions and objectives and that we identify and capture local potentials and opportunities. You secure the implementation of this plan and lead the follow-up and analysis of results. We use these insights to influence and guide our future plans.
  • Understanding our local market demographics, the economy, our competitors, consumers’ living situations and shopping behaviors. You use this knowledge to adapt costs and resources in order to meet our agreed financial goals, while growing our long-term profitability.
  • Working with your team and the Brand Head, Operation Manager to evaluate our performance, in order to constantly improve our operational efficiency, which will benefit our customers and our business. You use benchmarking and best practice to achieve this.
  • Working with your team and Brand Head, Operation Manager to secure the effective implementation of tools, working methods and proven solutions and following up on these in order to maximize their impact and benefit
  • Securing that we invest in projects that give a good return on investment. You do this by working with the Brand Head, Operation Manager and my Shared Service team. We analyze the benefits and costs of proposed investments to ensure we effectively priorities our investment plans in line with country priorities.
  • Ensuring we comply with our local and national legislative obligations.

2. People

  • You are the leader of the Come Home HR direction in your store. Your responsibility is to create an environment where the Come Home culture is strong and where the diversity of our customers and co-workers is valued.
  • You ensure that we focus on effective recruitment, competence development and job knowledge so that as a store we have well-informed, commercially focused co-workers who can support the retail processes.
  • You provide an inspiring and motivating direction for your team and engage them fully in the tasks of becoming leaders in life at home and generating sales growth.
  • You recruit your team through Come Home values by identifying what skills are needed now and, in the future, to achieve the objectives of their role. You also identify the motivations and capabilities that will compliment your existing team.
  • You are committed to the development of your team and together you create their individual personal development plans to reflect their business and personal development needs. You support them in achieving these goals.
  • You delegate responsibility to your team members to help them grow and develop, according to their individual ability and experience.
  • You create an environment of trust by encouraging open, constructive, honest, two-way feedback with my team and other colleagues.
  • You actively lead and ensure that You have in place a living succession plan.
  • You set clear goals and expectations and make time to follow these up with your team.
  • You reward good performance and take action to improve poor performance.
  • You encourage your managers to work as a team and network between stores in order to share good examples and successes.
  • You actively work to encourage clear communication and co-operation between your managers and their matrix partners at the Service Office in order to share good examples that will support our overall store development.
  • You are responsible for your own development and look to your manager and Shared Service team for support in improving your competence.

3. Financial

  • You ensure our store business plan supports the country business plan and focuses on our global commercial priorities.
  • You set key performance indicators (KPIs) for your team based on the achievement of our country goals in the team’s specialist areas.
  • You constantly monitor our performance against Come Home objectives and agreed goals. You adapt and take action accordingly to achieve them.
  • You evaluate the return on investment of any store initiatives to ensure value for money and the achievement of our stated objectives.
  • You ensure all store initiatives grow our business and support the sustaining of long-term profitability.
  • You control costs by working in a lean, simple and cost-conscious way using good examples and encouraging my team and my colleagues to discover even more effective ways of working.
  • You secure that procurement policy is made according to the Group policy.
  • You decide, agree and deliver the sales, gross margin, gross profit and other Key Performance Indicator (KPI) goals which reflect the local sales strategy.
  • You oversee the monitoring of competitor pricing in order to live up to the price promise we give our customers and to be first choice for home furnishings.
  • You constantly monitor our performance against agreed goals, adapting and taking action accordingly.
  • You control costs by working in a lean, simple, cost conscious way using best practice and encouraging your team and your colleagues to discover more effective ways of working.
  • You actively work with my team to meet agreed goals on Overstock, End Day Sale and aging stock

Yêu Cầu Công Việc

  • Experience of 3-5 years working in a commercial role in another large international organization & experience in a management role.
  • Well-developed analytical and numerical skills.
  • An ambassador for the Come Home Brand who works in a way that reflects the Come Home values. Proven ability to use commercial competence to capitalize on short- and long-term business opportunities. Proven record of consistently meeting agreed budgets and goals and working on plans over several years. Proven ability to prioritize and organize personal work tasks and the work of others in order to make the most efficient use of time available. A thorough understanding of profit and loss and the key performance measurements used in Come Home stores to plan, follow up and steer the business. Proven ability to set expectations and provide clear direction. Ability to quickly understand local market conditions and capitalize on opportunities. Ability to engage a receiver by creating a passion for our plans. Ability to inspire others to see possibilities. Demonstrates clear communication and coaching skills. Experience of adapting to different styles of working to get the best out of all team members (situational leadership). Proven ability to confront and manage poor performance. Ability to communicate confidently and clearly in English.
  •  Ability to stimulate and create healthy competition. Computer proficient.

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